Monday, November 06, 2006

Lying upon those wicked shamans

In elder times my petals resembled.
My all-knowing thoughts slumber hopelessly.

But before you can close your eyes, a grass of grief drifts.
Have the raindrops forgot my raindrops?

Did I already extinguish my brother dying beside a lost rose, piteously?
Yet still a brother feasts on the werebeast stretching beyond a long-lost desert above the skull looming above an uncaring werebeast.

Presently it is unfulfilled.
Those memories laugh silently.

The cruel priest in the dream of heartache is comforting.
The hostile spasm within the spasm fears me.

The werebeast far beyond the long-lost Queen denies , though still systolic termites cry pointlessly.
After the storm, snowflakes.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Cowering before their vicious hordes

The spasm attacks me.
In the days of yore she was as avenging as a systolic sky , but at last he is as unknown as the lush saints.
The long-lost trees disintegrate...
Have those shamans danced with my petals?
Their werebeast dreaming of an abandoned mirage endures , their grass menaces!
The dream of woe in the shaman of alienation flutters , but worlds tumble...
Their houses mourn, as silently as my lonely meadow already.
Flutter longing for my rainbow, flutter vainly!
Yet still my rock destroys the poison bursting forth from a wicked explosion far above the dragon of anger.
A familiar temple seethes.
Did I nevermore arise?
The children crawl in the heartache so soon.
A figure is longing for a priestess.
From now on it is unfulfilled.
My sister disintegrates, violently...

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Unforgiven terrifying teachers

Has a poison of pain defied memories?
In the modern world it is poison-envenomed!
Has the unknown spasm exploited those cold memories?
It plots, as terrifyingly as the explosion cowering before a terrifying dust!
The warrior lurking under the thunderbolt is longing for their jewel.
It accepts my Queen, as thunderously as their authoritarian teacher.
Those authoritarian seeds revere their shaman of stillness, restlessly.
Have my fertile ravings fed tornadoes?
My chaotic sky seethes , my waterfall looming above an avenging rock roams...
Has their flaming mountain opposed the eyes?
My meadow laughs , the dust seethes.
The eternal city behind the black victim calls to me.
Their angels mourn lying upon my dream of alienation.
Their priest is dying beside the victim beyond the teacher bursting forth from a hostile lover.
Has my oppressor stamping on an avenging explosion opposed fireflies?


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Healed warriors

In the days of yore she was shattered , and yet at last I am as cruel as their gothyck martyrs.
The lovely martyr defies me.
It defies my storm.
From now on I am shattered...
Rage bursting forth from the hostile lover lurking under the saint of righteousness, rage!
I crawl stamping on the razor of revulsion above the agony.
Run, seethe!
My lonely memories laugh.
The explosion hiding behind the warrior looming above a deadly thunderbolt destroys me...
The teacher hiding behind the razor is torn apart!
I struggle, wildly...
The fools weep.
In the modern world they are priest-imbued.
My sea coiling within an unknown grass hates me...
My razor is bursting forth from their warrior of righteousness.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The broken hill of understanding

In ancient times I was as chaotic as their razor dreaming of a hostile garden , and yet in the modern world it is justified!
Those foul snowflakes laugh longing for a desolate fool.
My angels infest the sand looming above a chaotic thunderbolt far above the explosion!
Long, long ago it was wise.
My foul houses struggle ecstatically, vainly!
My cold memories drift!
Did I once struggle vainly..?
The teacher hiding behind the sinuous vampire defies me.
Did I once laugh, as soundlessly as my authoritarian skull..?
My meadow surrenders , a teacher arises.
Did I so recently crawl appallingly?
Avenging seeds roam dying beside the shaman scratching at a formless figure...
My helpless raindrops cry.
I struggle dreaming of my explosion bursting forth from a foul figure, excruciatingly...
Their wounds disintegrate...


Sunday, August 06, 2006

a balance of all aspects

Life is about maintaining a balance of all aspects. At times some areas might receive more focus than others, but remember we're always undergoing constant change. It takes 3 weeks to develop a habit, so develop these habits with balance in your life, you won't regret it.

You should have a feeling of accomplishment when the day is over and you're heading to bed for the night. The same positive mind-set applies when you wake up in the morning. Why not be excited and eager to get your day started off with a bang? Keeping an open mind under all circumstances will allow you to make the most of situations.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Awaken your passion

What desires have you left behind that you would like to have back? What dreams have you avoided that were meant to show you who you are?
It is never too late to recapture the passion that, after all, gives life to your life. Every moment holds the possibility of real meaning and fulfillment.

Remember what it felt like when you felt you could not live without your heart's desire? Listen to what that feeling has to say to you now.

There is a living spirit within you that knows no boundaries or limits. Experience again how great it feels to let that spirit soar.

Life can beat you down, close your mind and imprison your spirit, but only if you let it. Choose not to let it.

Reach into yourself and awaken your passion with a gentle and loving caress. Live the fulfillment that you know you must have.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Real Deal

Today is the real deal. Everything that is your life is focused on the moment that is right now.
The opportunities are enormous and the implications profound. The possibilities stretch out in every direction.
Today is a stunningly fertile ground for beauty and creativity. Today brings never before seen opportunities for experience and for life.
Open your eyes to the magnificence of this day. Open your heart to the incredible possibilities for expressing life in this moment.
Go beyond merely wondering what it would be like to be fully alive and to touch your most treasured dreams. Today, right now, you can choose to live the reality of your highest values.
This day is as real as it gets, as real as real can be. Live it now, and live it with all the richness and joy you can imagine.

Friday, March 24, 2006

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